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Very decent damas blade Plain hard wood handle Great looking ergonomic shape Leather sheath Well made
Not full tang Not sure about the blade quality for this price Funny colored ring i would do without
I have no use for this knife but i've long wanted a damas blade... and for under $40 i took a chance seeing the pictures. It is what i expected, and certainly more.

I can't believe how nice this knife is for the price! It is exactly as pictured, although my handle wood is slightly less figured and the sheath is brown. This kind of blade usually goes for more then five times this price.

The blade is as figured as i was hoping and sharp out of the box. However i have no clue how 'genuine' the damas steel may be or how 'good' it is. It is very stiff and looks great for sure.

The handle just by itself is a very nice piece of craftsmanship. It is made of a very dense hard wood, possibly some sort of rosewood, with two bicolor metal round inserts. The junction with the blade is made of brass with a funny colorful ring in between that i would do without. The overall finish is quite good.

A very good buy, at least for a shelve queen... and possibly more.

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