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Overall   (4.5)
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- Building on this Huge deck is easy and really simple - Design engraving on the sleeve - Flavor on this is amazing - HUGE airflow - No leaking at all - 6ML capacity
This is a huge tank, your crazy builds will fits easy in here but there is a con: it will drink your juice.
I've been using the Ijoy limitless Plus for months now and let me tell you it's a pleasure to use and to build coils on its deck.

It's a great tank, it doesn't leak if you put your cotton the proper way, it will never leak.

Huge space to fill your juice.

As I said in the cons section, it drinks the juice. Far less than a TFV8 or the new Griffin plus, but still.

In the end, to me, this RDTA is really excellent. I was a little pissed to hear about the Ijoy Combo but after a while, people started to say the build quality of the Ijoy Combo was not really great so, that's it boys and girls: Trust the Ijoy Limitless Plus, because the build quality of it is really really awesome.
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