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Been playing about with it to see if I can get more from it and here's the brief,

Buy this SKU 5416800 with it, you'll need it if you want to run single coil anyway, when you've got both the kit and the atty remove the top cap (large black one)from the atty it picks off btw and replace it with the one in the kit, takes a bit of getting on but does go on ok, now your clone driptip is not going to give it up easily so you need to put some juice on it and get it to fit, it does eventually with patience and once home it's so snug it ain't going to fall out again, the next mod I did was while I had the air adjust barrel out was to fit a small loom band on one of the ridges to replace the seal, this stops the cap coming off easily but still lets you adjust the airflow, next up I used another loom band on the bottom ridge by the fill hole, whole tank feels secure now,

Overall a tasty steam machine but it will frustrate you if you don't do what I just said.
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