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Superb taste Easy to build Easy to wick Big clouds
So hard to fill Leaking when on its side
YouTube and Reddit praised that tank, so I was really excited to get that one for myself, since I already needed a new daily driver. But when I got it, it was one disappointment after another. First of all, If you plan on using it with only 1 coil, then that eliminates most of the problems, even leaking wasn't the case then. But when you start building dual coils, the problems arise. Depending your wicking style, filling can go from hard to mission impossible. With that tank, I prefer scottish roll technique, and that leaves much wick in the wicking holes. Everything is good, clouds are fat, taste is superb but when it comes time to refill, its impossible to do it with normal bottle. Even if you are filling with bottle which has needle, you need to press wick hard to get trough, and if you do that enough times, you will damage the wick and it deforms, leading to more leaking if you tilt the tank. If you are okay with things I listed above, then its a good tank for you, but for me, I will be looking for something else.
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