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Nice polished stainless steel Very positive, fully serviceable firing button Solid copper 510 centre pin Good threading
510 centre pin should be sliding
Been waiting for this for a while with eager anticipation. I love telescopic mods and their versatility, and I believe they still have their place, not just for sub ohming, but as hassle free, dependable devices. Bottom, side firing mods are not everyone's cup of tea, but this model feels comfortable in the hand. The firing button is very positive, with a good locking ring, very pleasant to use and seem fully serviceable. However, being able to have all atomisers sitting flush is a great thing, but not when they don't come into contact with the centre pin. Half my atomisers won't fire, and even though there is a work around, this could have easily been avoided. The solid copper pin is set in an insulator, and is non adjustable - sort of. The pin sits too low in the 510 threading to make contact with a lot of atomisers. However, the insulator is threaded into the top cap and can be screwed in or out by a couple of threads each way, thus highering or lowering the contact point. A simple sliding pin would have corrected this issue. If you have a Nzonic telescopic mod with a sliding pin, the top caps are interchangeable.
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