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I got two of these, one for a friend. Got to use both for quite a while as a quality comparison.
Both mods were identical in function and finish. Extremely well machined, very nice and strong paint finish, no chips on either after months of use.
Instruction booklet sucks, and forgets to mention the functions below:
Press both adjust buttons at the bottom while the mod is off to set temperature for TC.
When mod is on, press down button then fire button to lock or unlock the power.
When mod is on, press up button then fire button to lock or unlock the resistance.
It looks like you have to hold the up/down button for about 3 seconds then press fire button if you want to unlock/lock again straight away. You can do it with or without a tank mounted.
Mod asks for wire type when you screw a new tank on - up and down buttons scroll through options.
This mod is tiny and heavy, great for sitting in top jacket pockets with button done up.
Very stable and wide compared to other mods I have. Not much care required to keep it upright sitting in the car console while driving.
Mind that it looks like this is a Lipo battery. Doesn't worry me but might put some people off.
Battery lasts me through breaks on a working day, but it would only chain vape for two to three hours at about 20w I guess.
Form factor is amazing, although it took me a couple of weeks to find the most comfortable methods to hold it while vaping.
The 510 pin is adjustable with a screwdriver. Toptank Mini fits very well, Subtank mini sits flush with the top and looks great. I could not get any 24mm atties in there.
Overall this is a high quality mod and I'm very happy with it - as is the owner of the other one I got.
If you like your small mods then you will need one of these.
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