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I have been using several V3 RTAs for a few weeks now and it is really impressive - build quality is excellent, the two-coil deck is massive with top quality screws that should hold the most exotic wires firmly, and all component parts of the tank are built to a very high standard.

For flavour chasers it is probably best to use the included single coil deck, which is very easy to change and gives excellent flavour, REALLY excellent! I have probably put 10-12 of my favourite e-liquids through my Cthulhu V3s, and it can be a surprise when you start discovering new flavour notes in a juice you thought you knew very well, and that has happened more than once.

I only have one complaint about what is otherwise a great RTA - WHY does Cthulhu Mod make the claim that it holds 5ml, as I can assure you that it most certainly does not! That apart, this tank should be on the list for anybody that is looking for excellent flavour delivery, and as a bonus it looks smart and is built superbly.
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