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Nice futuristic pipe look, if you're into that sort of thing. Pretty well built except all in all
Drip tip not conformable in mouth Drip tip bore is not 510 (a little bigger) Tank seems to eat juice even at 16 watts LVC coil heads sucks Battery door becomes a little loose and wiggles side to side in hand

I vape at 15-18W with 50/50 juice and the LVC floods very easily even when juice port is completely closed. The LVC coil head does not last long. Just a couple days. Go for a BF head. They also have a tendency to flood when the mod/tank isn't in use for a little wile or overnight, but not as much as the LVC. The nice thing is since it is a top airflow tank and the juice inlets are at the bottom of the coil head, it's rather easy to clear a flooded head by closing the airflow on the tank and blowing into the drip tip to push the juice out of the head and back into the tanks. You'll have to do this a few times. The tank looks great, but is the worst part of the mod since the heads tend to flood and seems to eat juice even at 16W. Seems like I'm constantly filling the tank.

Also, the tank is very nice looking but it's hard to see the juice level.

This mod is too heavy on the tank end and therefore cannot be used very easily with the pipe stand sku 1871107.

The finish on the mod and tank seem very durable. I have been using this mod VERY MUCH for the last few weeks and have not sen any wear on the finish at all.

The battery door sits tightly at first, but after some use it does start to fit more loosely and tends to wiggle a little bit as you hold it in your hand.

The design is not 100% ergonomic, if you want to hold it exactly like a tobacco pipe. However, if you are OK with holding it differently, it works just fine.

The fire button is much more sensitive than any other mod I have ever owned. that can be good or bad.

There does seem to be a small glitch with the chip. It never displays the decimal place for the wattage when vaping and during adjustment it's a hit or miss of you can see the decimal place. Al you see is the "W". This is more of an annoyance for me than anything. I though upgrading the firmware might fix this but it did not. All the current firmware update gives you is logo screen functionality as far as I know.

All in all, I would say that if you want a pipe mod, this is an OK buy. Much better than I thought. But I would use the BF heads. Maybe the LVC work better with higher VG juice, but they suck with 50/50 juice.
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