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Great Price Great Flavour No Leaking Looks great
None - Perfection
This is the atomizer I have been looking for lately.

Easy to deal with.
Great flavour.
No Leaking.
Looks Great.
Easy Top Refill

Easy to deal with, no fuss, but you do just need to get the wicking, right.
I just lay mine over the deck holes, rather than inside of them but using cotton, even then, i wisped them out a bit at the end, on the deck so they were not too thick.

No idea if it is the same with the SS version but this black one, I do find it easier, to pull up the top part that covers the AC holes and opens the holes you can pour ejuice into, once the atomizer is fully built and put back together.
Was struggling with it until I watched a video by MikeVapes. He mentioned the same problem, showed how he lifted it and it then opened.
Might be a bit easier on the SS version, not sure but once you do it once, then you know exactly how to open it easily and properly.

As it is 23mm, I thought it might look a tiny bit fatter than my regular 22mm attys. I didnt want a 24 or 25mm atty as they look silly on top of some mods, such as an evic, for example.
Surprisingly it fits perfectly on an evic without overhang.
Will buy more. Too easy an atty not to have more of these.

Dual 317 SS wire, 2.5mm 26g, think I did 6 wraps each for an 0.2 ohms at 30 watts for perfection on TC.
Have the coils high enough that they are equal to the top of the deck posts.
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