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Smaller than I anticipated.
Half the thickness of the original Coil Master 521 tab but for the price I am satisfied, so far.

Did notice that the ohms are not 100% accurate but you can account for the small difference, with familiarity.
For example, using an atomizer with ss dual coils, reading 0.23 on both my Coil master 521, as well as two very accurate SX Mini Q + ML mods, it came out to 0.21 on this styled 521 tab.
I tried it with 4 different atomizers and the slight difference was the same each time, hence, I can account for it if needed.

Has 4 teeny wheeny feet underneath but they will slide on a surface as this isn't that heavy.
Might want to use it on a rubber mat surface.

The true test will be as to how long it lasts.
Spent 4 x more for the original CoilMaster 521 and its almost on its way out one year later.
If this lasts as long, it will definitely worth the price.
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