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Tesla NANO? 120w is a Hefty Mod even with a wee Smok TFV8 X baby Beast (full 4ml)(Q2 0.4ohm.) and two Samsung 30 Q's, all up weight 404.5gm, not an issue for me, but it will be for some.
I like the fact I can switch it off, completely, not onto standby like the majority of Mod's.
Fire button is rounded and comfortable to the touch, positioned perfectly for thumb or finger, no rattle, it fires quickly as promised and hits the mark for me with the above set up at 43w. The menu is fairly straight forward and has the option to adjust the ohms (amongst other options) which I like, the screen is a bit small by current standards but does the job required and is bright enough to see outside.
The on/off button has a very slight rattle the rest are firm. It feels small and good in the hand but it is weighty and substantial.
I have no issues with the battery door it fits flush and tightly, there is no wobble while sat on any flat surface.

It looks fantastic (Brass), works well, and is a steal at the price IMO, if it breaks in due course then u have a nice lookin paperweight and a conversation piece that didn't cost a lot.

Love it!!!

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