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I bought this because I like the style and it was very affordable. After receiving it, I was surprised at how nice it was for the cheap cost of it. It is made very well and has been stitched with care. The material is very thin but it is durable material and should hold up well over time.

The star on this is embroidered well and each stitch is perfect. The velcro adjustment on the back for sizing is the only weak point on the hat that I have noticed, one corner on my hat had to be restitched to keep the velcro stable and from separating over time, but that was easy enough to do (like 8 - 10 stitches were all that were loose). All-in-all this is an exceptional value for your money and I will definitely buy more next time I order anything just to have some in the closet on back up. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes this style of hat, you really can't go wrong at this price, there are better made hats with better materials but not at this price point. And even considering that - this IS made well compared to more expensive hats.
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