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Awesome Knife! Read Below
Some issues - read below.

The poor mans Sebenza (styled) knife!
It works well, sounds good,feels good , looks great and is just a solid all around large folding pocket knife. Infact its by far one of the best quality pocket knives you can get under $20USD right now. However there are are a few issues and quirks but with a little practice and work you can over come these problem’s making this a bloody good working folding knife! This knife works well holding it in your Right hand but works even better holding in your Left hand. So lefties buy this knife!

Unlike a frame lock flipper knife where you can hold the spine of the handle, the Sanrenmu LAND 9103 thumb stud folding knife - when using it with your Right hand the Frame-Lock bar faces toward your fingers.
This means when you try to push the blade out the lock bar is pressed up against your fingers preventing the knife from deploying out past the detent!

Holding this knife in your right hand your fingers naturally want to rest up against the frame lock. This also causes friction so the frame lock & detent secures the blade in very firm & stiff!
This makes it impossible to open out and due to the sharp step up blue thumb stud it quickly starts to breakdown the skin on your thumb making for an unpleasant experience leaving you holding a closed unopened knife, scratching your head!

To deploy this knife with your right hand - you have to hold the knife as low down in your hand as you can!
I do this by placing my little finger on the very bottom screw with two of my other fingers resting on top of the pocket-clip while keeping my index finger behind the lock bar line while holding the rest of the knife in my palm etc. This allows me to deploy the blade out every time no problems and is far less painful on the thumb from that sharp blue stud.
However it will take a while to train your brain to hold & to open the knife this way.
But this will open up the knife every time deploying the blade right out engaged erect while not losing any handle control.

I un-screwed the knife open and cleaned out all of the factory grease that had been smeared over the plastic housed ball bearings. Imho these ball bearings do not need to be greased up & much better left dry. Infact the blade flips with less friction now and does not vibrate like it dod when opening and closing before.
I also loosened up the frame lock. I think it was a bit to tight restricting the blade deployment.
This has also made the knife easier to open out! Don’t bend the lock bar back out to much (to loosen the detent) or it won’t lock (catch) up properly again & you will have to take the knife fully apart to have enough leverage room to bend the frame lock back into the correct position.
Though its really easy and not to time consuming to open and reassemble this knife.
Also their is no point adjusting the blade pivot in this knife as the bearing balls work so well and its really all about the frame lock and the detent!
As long as you can get the blade out of the gate it will pretty much open out and engage every-time!

Also with left hand use, you don’t need to worry about holding this knife in a certain position or possibly having to adjust the lock bar like you have to for right hand use. This is what make this knife a really good left handed use knife as that lock bar will be facing upwards away from your fingers in the left hand (unlike right handed use).

I have since just purchased the black version to compare to this one to see if the frame-lock and detent is as tight or not.

I can highly recommend this folding knife to all users and
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