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- Superb flavor in 1 coil on the dual coil postless deck - good capacity - good looks - superior production quality -smooth airflow - easy to build and wick - comfortable PEI drip tip
- i don't like the POM drip tip
I used it with 2 coils on the dual postless deck, but in 1 coil and airflow set to the narrow holes this is just mind boggling tasty - very much like a well built VLS.
You can dial it almost closed, the taste pops so hard for minthy/cool juices that in 3 draws you get headaches like real ice cream. Also no condensation on the afc in one coil config

Flavor monster.

The build quality is very very good, no brainer to build and wick.
I used it with Kendo, cotton bacon and dovpo vipers wick, and the single coil i use is a 3 mm from 28 awg to triple fused claptons, always a pleasure to taste my e-juices. My favorite rta.

I also used it with the muji here, the 1 million pads in a bag one, i had so many dry hits because of that cotton, but with real wicking cotton, no leaks, no dry hits

I don't like the black drip tip which is too short for me( bummer cause i like the shape)

I think this gun metal ( matte gray really, not shiny )color ,for me, it works the best out of the ones it comes in. Personal taste ofc
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