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the grub screws really grab hard, you probably don't have to over tighten the grub screws, in fact the coil leads look like a camel's hump when you remove the coil
the preinstalled glass had a crack, no biggie easy to replace grub screws could have been one size larger
it a really solid RTA, threads work well enough, no scratches and the top cap is really east to screw off, finally a easy to remove top cap and no cross threading, I really like the 810 goon style delrin tip being current with the times. I tried single coil and it was basically too airy, I think I just need to find the right coil size and ohms, I have a feeling it can be done I just haven't experimented yet. dual coil works really well and is a vape. I've had some leaking when filling all the way to the top juice came out the airflow when it was open all the way. I probably didn't have enough wicking in the juice channels. each RTA is different, I just have to tune what I'm doing with my coils and wicking. running .192 ohm SS dual coil at 60w and it really can make some half decent clouds. also dries out my pallet, so far its the only RTA I have that has done this, probably because its so easy to hit hard and the draw is so open. oh and it does not sit flush on the SMOK AL85.
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