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Cheap Excellent power management Idiot proof
I want to buy more No instructions for the feeble amongst us
I don't normally leave reviews, but judging by some of the reviews left here I felt obliged to put pen to paper.

Yes, they have no instructions, so it took me all of 30 seconds to figure these out for myself.

1. Open case.
2. Common sense told me the spring is for the negative contact. (After reading one of these reviews I looked hard inside, and there is a '+' moulded on the sled for the positive contact)!
3. Close case.
4. Click button once to turn on, twice to turn off. Will auto turn on when you connect it to your phone etc.
5. Blue LED illuminates when bank is in use or when you are charging it. I charge batteries externally though.
6. Press and hold the button and the LED becomes a very bright white torch light, press and hold again to turn the torch off.

I have several powerbanks, both standalone and vaping mods with a powerbank facility, and this beauty on a mAh for mAh basis is by far the most efficient, and this is the only powerbank I have that does not get in the slightest bit warm. If you have spare 18650's buy this.
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