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Overall   (2.7)
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Great flavour Bubble glass holds a lot
510 tightening issues Shorts Normal glass does not fit right
Got this thinking it was the same as one of the others getting great reviews, but without bubble glass... apparently not. On mine, it was impossible to fully screw in the deck with the regular glass resulting in flooding, while the bubble glass fits and works perfect.

The 510 screw is reverse threaded. It screws into another screw under the deck that holds the positive post on... which is regular threaded. Tightening the 510 screw loosens the positive post screw unless it's super tight... I have no idea why they did this, either make them both reverse threaded or both regular threaded or it becomes a game of 'what can I wedge it with through the AFC holes so juice doesn't get into my mod's 510' - the answer is... not much the space is very small.

With my initial build I had shorting, but after complete reassembly I noticed some gold coloured flecks on my desk, I assume some plating came off and landed in just the wrong place to short it out and it's now working fine.

So, not entirely terrible... but likely not the best of the clones offered here either.
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