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Good flavor but not that much better than my T8 or Mesh coils.
Super tight airflow. Max watts is 35 so the vapor is cold. Even in Temperature Control mode at the max 600 degree Fahrenheit the vapor is still cold. Don't last long in my experience.
I was really hoping to like these ceramic coils based on most of the reviews I've read here and on other sites saying how great they were. But I'm sadly disappointed with how these ceramic coils perform.

The one and only good thing about these coils is that the flavor is pretty good but not that much better than my two favorite coils -- the T8 and Mesh coils. Also, depending on the particular flavor of my juices these coils would make some of my juices too sweet for my liking compared to my T8 and Mesh coils.

Now there are a lot of cons with these ceramic coils that make me dislike them a lot. The main con is that the airflow is super, super tight to the point of it being irritating because I'd have to take 6-7 second draws to feel like I got a good puff when normally with my T8 or Mesh coils I can get a fantastic puff by doing 3-4 second draws. Also the vapor production isn't that good with these ceramic coils. The vapor is nowhere near as thick and dense as my T8 and Mesh coils.

Another con is that the max wattage for these coils is 35 so if you like a slightly warm to really warm vape, you will not get that from these ceramic coils. In fact, the vapor is quite cold since you can only vape these at low wattage. And even in TC mode at the max 600 degree Fahrenheit the vape is still cold.

Another thing I'm disappointed about with these coils is that a lot of reviews say these ceramic coils last much longer than regular coils but these ceramics have only lasted me between 10-12 days vaping 10ml of juice a day at 35 watts which is much shorter than my T8 and Mesh coils. With my T8 and Mesh coils vaping 10ml of juice a day at 60-70 watts those will last me close to 3 weeks.

I will definitely not be buying these ceramic coils again since you can get better coils for a better price per coil value anyway. But that's just my opinion of these coils.
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