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Build quality Comfort in hand Nice bottle Dual 18650s Fires down to 0.09 ohms
Logo lettering on back
Really impressed with this squonker. Very comfortable to hold – much nicer to deal with than any other 2 battery squonker I’ve used (Dripbox 160, Gbox, Drone). Nice fit and finish, and a very comfortable fire button. Great squonk action with zero leaking. Zero rattles and the battery door is well done.

It comes with a single bottle that is dark. I swapped it out for a YFTK bottle since I prefer clear bottles to easily see the juice level. The YFTK fits perfectly. The cap on the Dovpo bottle threads right onto the YFTK [sku 7762300].

It is unregulated with a 4.2v max output. The voltage will drop as the batteries discharge. It hits very well – better than most mech squonkers. There are indicator lights that show the battery level, as well as flash if there is an error (short, over time, etc.). The lights are easy to see but are not obtrusive. I like that there's a lot more protection than you get with a mech while remaining simple to use.

The included atty is OK. Nothing special, but not bad either. It would be great if they offered it as a mod only for a lower price, but the current price is very reasonable considering what you get.

Only con is that the logo on the back is not to my liking. It's not horrible, but a plain back panel would have been better, or a smaller logo.

Well worth picking up if you’re looking for a dual battery setup but want to keep it as compact and simple as possible.
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