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- taste is great with proper build - build quality is very good - looks great - zero dry hits so far - tight draw = superb taste with proper build/power
- the screws cannot grab the 28/26ga...which are THE wires for MTL. Needs old school trapping, which needs a bit of practice. - it has a learning curve otherwise it won't taste as good or will taste quite odd, but after that... - needs the topcap and juice port little oring removed, they contribute nothing, just a nuisance that goes away, machining is so good topcap closes without them. - meh driptips
This is an atty that needs patience, but it's worth it.
The kayfun-esque build deck will do the job and exceed expectations if you space the coils, raise 1.5 mm above airflow, use mid afc hole or lower,use normal 28/26 Ni80 (or SS if you must, but too hot) and fill but don't over stuff the juice wells. But do make sure it's evenly filled with cotton or it will seep, like any bottom airflow tank. Say no to any fancy wire, use normal round one, 2.5mm ID, 7-10 wraps spaced, and it's just amazing.


In their infinite wisdom, VV has made the top of the screws a bit too small - and this is my only con, really - so you need to wrap the coil leg 180/360 deg around each screw.

So instead of doing the build in 2 minutes .....well, practice makes perfect.

Airflow is very smooth. The drip tips are good but tend to catch some condensation depending on the temp.
I have 2, will buy again. ( will not buy the v1.5)
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