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Overall   (4.2)
› Quality
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Price point easy to build 5ml tank
Sharp edges on top cap, lip feel cheap soft screws
So as the pro shows

Considering the price point for the Authentic Reload at $70.00 and how tough it can be to come by one, I'll give this lil Clone a 10 on my 1 to 10 scale for price. No matter the cons I have for this, one could do far worse.

And of course as every review out there in Internet land will attest to. It's a easy to build on deck.

This is a mesured out (with not pre lubing the coils) a 5ml juice tank (approx. 4.5ml if you've pre lubed the coils before filling).

Looks good sitting on top of my Gboy too (pic provided name sku
9616403 )

Because of the design of the top cap, I can't stand the feel of it hitting me on the lips with the provided Goon tip. Solution! Taller 810 drip tip. I use the SKU 9388011 Smoktech SMOK Resin Drip Tip for TFV12 Prince.
As stated in the con section. the edges of the top cap are sharp so be careful if you have soft hands and skin.

The biggest con I have is the grub screws. After first coil, they were done for. This of course is typical of most china made things, even in the brand named ones. Solution! Replaced them with SKU: 3981605 and no probs after.

Now while I have listed some cons I will end by stating; if I wanted another or needed to replace the one I have would i buy it again. Answer: YES

Flavor isn't as good as some of the hype given this rta. However it rates a 6 on my 1 to 10 scale. Not anywhere near as good as the Ammet or kylin or even a freemax fireluke, But it serves the purpose it was designed for.

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