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Continuity! Size, paint, safety, price, packaging, looks Tauren is on top in the mech department for me right now
Let’s see they could of put a little pack of that jelly in with mod. But actually works fine with out. Still hits like a train and doesn’t rattle
Yeah boy, this guy is good. Paint is nice and strong, with a rugged feel that smoothes down nicely over time. Did chip some but I’ve been using this thing about a year now and dropped a bunch. Bought an extra switch cause I plan on using this um possibly forever. Bought his brother (max) cause I like ‘em so much. Hardest hitter I’ve seen/owned. Better IMO than the max. 40 American with MAP is hard to beat for any authentic mech and I’d bet it hits harder than the others. It has a plasti spring loaded disk inside where the 510 hybrid for safety. Oh yeah this guy is small for a 20700. Only taller than my ijoy 24k ultra. I love it best mech on the market I’m my opinion. I own this, the max, rda, rdta and have a solo on the way... yeah I’m a fan. Some say ball bearing in switch rattles without conductive jell but hasn’t been my experience and I removed mine awhile back. Everything has been quality and all well packaged plus vacuum sealed. Though customs in Cali cut the vacuum on one of my mods cant remember if it was this or max. No matter, Tauren is legit my vaper dudes. Enjoy!
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