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Telescoping section for very easy adjusting for battery length Unique look Good performance Good body threading
Engraving looks and feel cheap Has lots of branding and writing on the mod Longer and firmer throw than other clutch-type mechs (although firmness can be adjusted with o-rings)
This is an interesting take on a clutch system. The throw is longer and harder than other clutches (such as the Broadside or the Overpowered) but works well in terms of conductivity. The throw can be made softer by replacing the provided O-rings with thinner ones. The look is unique, but not always in a good way. It has a lot of branding on the mod, plus has the battery types it accepts engraved on the upper tube, which is really silly looking. The engraving is not well-done with lots of rough spots and a fair amount of machining debris that needed to be cleaned off.

On the other hand, it provides very good performance, on a par with mechs costing far more. If you care more about performance and ease of adjusting for battery rattle (or size) this is well worth checking out.
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