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Cheap. Light weight. 10ml capacity (Not controlled by myself, manufacturer rating)
Bad contact system. Bad button system. Bad 510 connector.
Holly crap !
As this box is really cheap, I've ordered this one just to make me an idea about squonking. If it appear to be good for me, I'll go for more expensive one.
Wow! Unless I complete rebuilt it like a DIY kit this hill off crap is impossible to use.

All things are wrong:

- Womby central post with two sort of plastic pieces, a porky plated central post screwed in a thick brass washer fall inside the box at the fist aty screwing. All is loosened just to authorize the spring to moove. When I manage to reassemble I realized that by conception it's impossible for the spring loaded (NOT silver plated) post to works. At least it can stay in place, anyway when loosened it's to short to make a contact with the aty's center post.
Fire button is a walking dead one.
There is A metal tab on which the button presses to make contact with the 510 brass washer. Lot of sparks... Not really a concern as this tab pop off the box by itself...
And so one...
At least it's a plastic box so I don't have any shortcut !
Once rebuild et all pieces secured, this little hip off crap works dam well !!!
So I've got my answer : I really enjoy squonking !

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