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I love this mod so far , been using it for a few weeks now and not one problem. it hits hard and fast, especially in the bypass mode. the mod feels light in the hand it like the batteries weigh more than the mod itself. 510 has not loosened at all and my tanks worked on it as well so far but like it the best so far with my reload clone. i have used the reload, ammit25, maddog gta, Authentic Cthulhu Hastur MTL RTA. got to say i cant say enough i really like it. battery drain is even as far as i can tell every once in a while one battery bar will dip a bar lower than the other but within a few hits they are even again. the color is not through and through if you look on the inside but dont have any scratches to see how deep the coloring is though. if i did have any complaints it would be that the magnets are not the strongest. i would be interested if anyone has a hack for this please post. i also noticed that vapor storm calls this mod the "puma" on Instagram and they have several designs too. i haven't dropped it so i cant speak about that. another thing if there are leaks the material used to make it dosent feel real slick like a spray painted mod would. the battery area is real tight and you do have to be a little careful cause you can nick the edges of your battery wraps just cause its a tight fit. the menu is easy to get used to. temp control seems to work really well, and is not finicky like some are when you use builds other than simple round wire. ive been using it daily for almost a month now and it dosent seem to get hot like some other mods do. well thats about it, id say get your hands on one.
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