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- very easy build deck - can take ready build coils (leaves of the coil do not matter now) - Flavor is pretty good (but this depends on wire, air and self expression) compared to my other atties. - DT is 810 and 510 compatible - size is not to big but also not to small (mid profile i would say 30 mm with DT) - Alumide Caps 2 different kind of airflow - easy to squonk (hard to oversquonk) - kind of smooth sound while vaping
- Caps could be smaller if post screws would be grub screws - Oring are a not so tight
So had no whizzle on the airflow like some reviewers had. Tested a Ni80 4x0.40 flused clapton in it. Caps went very warm but was still ok. Now run a 4x0.32 build in and cap keeps normal. Build is Ni80 4 Wraps on 3 mm. Running on a mech mod.

- changed DT to Teflon Version SKU 6770202
(Randal_H -> this was the one you proposed for the flave but i got another kind where i could not put in orings but it found its place now)

Builds always 4 wraps on 3 mm (between 0.17 and 0.21 ohms)
NI80 4x0.40 fused -> SKU 9628650
NI80 4x0.32 fused -> SKU 9628652
Next to test (already ordered) > SKU 9600006

Cotton -> SKU 99623836 (not the best but OK)

Could put a WASP NANO cap on the atty. It fits but there is a little gap between the airflow channel and the cap. But works.
SKU 9628441

Entheon Cleap Cap works as well but needs to be sanded 2/3mm from the bottom.
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