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Build quality. Constructive solution for top cap. Easy bilding. No leaks. Air flow.
Anti-Spitback protection.
This is my first atomizer for Fumytech, which has long attracted me with its excellent atomizer design. The quality of the Gotank MTL RTA production is phenomenal, I really do not have any objections. This is my first atomizer that can be used without any problems immediately when getting out of the box. The final processing of all elements is at a high level. Atomizer works smoothly and silently, sometimes it seems to me that I did not press the fire button in my mode.

The construction of the top cap is phenomenal, when filling and closing, no pressure is created in the tank and the processing is carried out without any leakage. It is not necessary to close the air when filling. This solution should be used by all manufacturers on their products. I did not see a top cap that closed more easily, no matter how you set it, the wrapping goes very easily. Here on top cap we do not have anti-spitback protection like Rose MTL RTA. A really phenomenal top cap of the atomizer.
Gotank MTL RTA has an excellent range for regulating air flow, similar to Kayfun Prime RTA. The air control ring is two-part, one part has 3 holes, the other part has 5 holes. The air is adjusted in 5 steps - 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 holes on the air control ring can be opened.
The 510 connector is of great length and there is no gap in either mode, and the "+" pin is gold plated. Among the spare parts there is a spare "+" pin.
The diameter of the air intake under the heater is 1.6 mm, and the inner diameter of the chamber is 13.9 mm. The chamber is low and the top of the chamber is located just above the heater. The inside of the chamber is oval and smooth. The atomizer's base is small and functional. The installation of the heaters is very easy, and the clamping screws are never better and easily catch the 30 gauge wire.
The diameter of the liquid inlet hole is 3.2 mm and I do not recommend that the cotton is threaded through them because it is not good to soak. A good solution is to place the cotton through the holes.
At the passage of the chamber in the chimney there is anti-spitback protection in the form of a grid, and at the top of the chimney there is another barrier that does not allow direct passage of steam through full transverse chimneys, but the pair passes through two lateral notches. I'm not sure which is the function of this protection, was it the idea to cool steam a little?

Flavour can not be assessed because of colds, in this state I can not notice a big difference compared to Berserker Mini RTA, take this with reserve. The flavour would certainly be more pronounced when anti spitback protection was removed. The spitback protection on which the Fumytech persistently insists is also the only negative side of this atomizer, but I believe it can be easily removed.

Atomizer comes in a small, nice package, with a spare glass and a rich spare parts package containing spare rubber, screws, "+" pin, cotton, 4 heaters and screwdriver.
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