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Nice form, corners not too sharp like the Evic Basic was.
Good screen and great menus and options.
Occasionally asks of the same atomiser is being used which I find a bit of a pain. Other mods seem to do a little better in TC mode too but I don't tend to use it often.
Charging is at 1.2 Amps for me which was disappointing as I was expecting 2A. My Kiya manages a 1.5A charge speed on the same port and cable.
Increased battery life is a bonus, makes it do-able for take-away DL vaping for a day provided you take two mods.
Centre 510 is quite nice, but would have preferred a couple mm thicker mod to sit flush with 25mm atties. Minor issue though.
Fire button is great, just the right resistance and click.
Happy with it but it did not blow me away, still prefer the Kiya overall.
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