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Definitely into the UV range, purple not blue Very light and easy to carry The button doesn't switch on accidentally
Could be a bit more powerful
These are really great UV lights. They are not as strong as I would like however the stronger the light the greater the battery consumption. It would be great to see these light using 18650's or something rechargeable.
The light seems to be true UV or near UV light. There is no blue like other cheap lights. It looks very dim and fluoresces objects like crazy. Great for finding millipedes of the type we have here in the North.
These lights are a bit power hungry. You can tell by the heat they generate over time. They will chew down 3 AAA batteries in an hour or two.
All in all I would absolutely recommend these UV flashlights. The price is insanely low. The quality is surprisingly good. If you want a UV light (and who doesn't?) then grab a set of these and toss them on your next order.
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