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Put it on ma T Priv, fresh fully charged batteries, started at 35w nothing, 60w before any slight trace of flavour or vapour, 80w it's okay but nothing astonishing, no more flavour or vapour than ma Cleito 120 or fifty other tanks at half the price.
Gets hot quick as well which leads to it seeping out the bottom airslots.
I tried rewicking with more cotton, less cotton, different cotton it just did'nt work at 40/50 watts it was supposed too.
After 6 weeks use one of the plates is heating quicker than the other, leading to burning cotton on one side, all the connections are good which begs the question "Why no spare plates" for such an Expensive RTA.
At best AVERAGE, Overblown, Overpriced, I'm disappointed enough not to own it anymore,
Swapped it for a Punk 220, so holds it's value
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