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I have been a MTL fan since trying the Kayfun Lite and Russian clones. For a long time I was loyal to the Kayfun series and kept buying the newer ones. I felt let down by most, including the Kayfun 5 and Prime. Too complicated with many things to adjust, like airflow rings and turning juice flow control. If you didn't dial things in correctly you would get dry hits, gurgling, or leaking. The Kayfun Lite 2019 was okay but I felt that there must be better out there. I saw that the Dvarw was getting rave reviews.

The Dvarw comes with various tanks for changing the look and size. Although this is a "no name" clone the quality seems as good as brands like SXK, YFTK and Ulton. I noticed no problems with my set. I was impressed that it came with so many parts for a very reasonable price. This is a bargain.

I like that the Dvarw is simply in design. Some might say "old school." You adjust the airflow by changing an insert. And there is no need to worry about adjusting juice flow control or other complicated non-sense. Most of the newer MTL RTAs became too complicated and thus suffered in usability. The Dvarw keeps it simply and works well. I have no issues with 50/50 PG VG despite the lack of liquid flow control. The wick stays wet.

Some people hate bottom filling but I don't mind it. Even if a RTA has top fill you will need to close juice flow control which is an extra step anyway.

Overall I highly recommend this RTA. The taste rivals the old Kayfuns and the usability is better. This has quickly become my most beloved RTA.
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