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Flavor for dayyyyyyys ease of build/wick very smooth draw
See below
Two negatives that need to be mentioned:

First issue: The o-ring under the AFC is extremely loose & get bunched up easily. It's easier to unscrew the tank & pull the AFC ring off & put it where you want it, rather than trying to turn it while screwed to a tank. The spare was also too loose. This could be fixed with a replacement, so it's not a huge deal. The ULTON GT4S and authentic GT4S do not have this issue.

Second issue: The tank shield screws tight around the glass, but using the JFC will grab this assembly and untighten it enough to cause weeping / small leaks. In other words, everything will be tight but getting the JFC enough wiggle room to operate will cause that assembly to have a small gap, so it will weep until you re-tighten it. Aaaaand it's basically impossible to re-tighten while the tank is fully assembled. My solution is to disassemble the tank/glass, tighten it on its own, and reinstall it while the JFC ring was in the open position. That way, it only weeps when the JFC is shut, which should only be while refilling. It's not a deal-breaker, but it is potentially aggravating, and something you have to be mindful of. Maybe I'm a dummy and missing something, but I couldn't figure another way around it. Have not tested the authentic GT4 or ULTON GT4, so I can't comment on that. The ULTON GT4S and authentic GT4S do not have this issue.

Coil installation is easy & wicking is very forgiving. Draw is incredibly smooth & still has some restriction to it, which helps provide intense flavor. By the way, the flavor is absolutely excellent. (Yes, it's a tall tank, but the deck actually sits near the middle of the atomizer.) The GT4/GT4S is tied for first place on my list of single coil RTA's. The contender, is, of course, the HotCig Centaur RTA. Centaur delivers slightly punchier, more intense flavor, but at the expense of a more turbulent draw and slightly less resolution of individual flavors in the juice. In short, the GT4/4S is very refined and smooth, while the Centaur feels more wild & raw. Both are great RTA's, though, and these two have effectively shelved every other RTA I own.

In summation, even with the cons, this is an excellent RTA. I probably should have bought the ULTON clone, though. Either way, this clone has convinced me to save up for an authentic. Taifun really nailed it for mid-wattage single coil flavor chasers. I would take a clone of the GT4 over the remaining available single coil RTA's (namely Gear & Revolver, etc) any day.
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