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Airflow system works well
Orings could be tighter
Its definitely a good one for flavour and at this stage I've only tried the one coil & wick combo which is 3 core Ni80 Claptons with Cotton Bacon V2. Not sure Its quite lived up to the hype flavour wise, but its definitely on par with any other recent 24mm eg: Drop, Apocalypse, Bonza.

Seems to be a decent clone, that said its only been a day of use, so can't speak to the longevity. Everything looks good and functions as it should, only small grizzle would be the orings that secure the top cap could be more snug.

The airflow system is the highlight and is virtually leak proof with its top to bottom flow. I don't squonk, so can't report on that, but as a dripper its one that you can just blat the juice straight in the top, give it 10 seconds to wick up and hoon away.

Over-all a good purchase and looking forward to experimenting with different coil and wick combo's to try and develop the flavour more
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