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As soon as this arrived and i opened the shipping package our kittens could smell the enclosed catnip and they were immediately interested in it. I opened the package and you can tell from the pics i posted that they were intrigued by it. I mounted this low enough to the floor that our adult cat and kittens could all comfortably use it and even without putting any catnip into it, they loved it and all took turns off and on thru the day rubbing their face, chins and sides up against it. Once i opened it back up and put some catnip into it they went crazy rubbing on it, chewing on it fighting with it and so on. This is a good purchase if you have cats/kittens, all of our cats love it and our friend who also has one for his 2 cats ssy they love it as well.

Inside of the box you get the green silicone grooming comb, the hard plastic mounting bracket that holds the comb, 2 nails and 4 pieces of double sided mounting tape, and a small bag of really strong catnip. The grooming comb attaches to the mounting bracket by the side being pressure fit into the bracket it has a tab on each side that fits into a slot on the bracket and you squeeze it to release it to put catnip into it or clean it. The catnip goes into a channel on either side of the top of the comb that has holes in it.

Good value, I would recommend it for cats. Easy to install, easy to clean, it can be mounted on either a corner or flat surface.
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