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sturdy material, looks good,
TL;DR You have to put floss under the o-rings of your nano variants(authentic and styled) if you want these caps to stay on. FT also gave me an unsolicited warranty refund.

These fit too loosely on both the styled and authentic Wasp Nano variants. Not loose enough that a fatter o-ring will fix it, and not tight enough to stay put on the atty. The OD of an authentic Wasp Nano RDA is 0.785", while the OD of the o-ring grooves is 0.730" and the o-rings are 0.035" thick and very malleable being silicone (these measurements, surprisingly, showed to be the same for the o-ring grooves on the styled rdta 9673226 and a clone Nano rda from elsewhere which use plain rubber o-rings of the same size). The ID of the Skullvape Bell Caps are 0.810". Meaning: there is a 0.010" gap (+/- a thou) between the factory o-rings of an authentic Wasp Nano RDA and the Skullvape Bellcaps, which if I realllllly wanted to ham fist I could use the old mechanics trick for fuel injector o-rings and put some floss under the o-rings. That isn't what I paid for though, I paid for caps that are supposed to fit right out of the box, which they don't. That's somewhat of a petty nitpick on my part for such an inexpensive set of topcaps, however it is still the truth. My previous review was rejected "because it conflicts with one or more of the review writing guidelines", which I have now amended with more detail in order to assist other potential consumers in making an informed decision prior to purchasing. FT also offered me a warranty refund for the items after I made a ticket to inquire about replacement o-rings to make these fit (instead of just giving me an o-ring sku).
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