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DNA250C Centered 510 holds 30mm attys with room to spare
Thin plastic construction Hard to remove door Small fire button Bottle access clumsy Included RDA is very poor
The main thing going for this is the DNA250C. It’s a joy to use. The mod itself, however, has a few issues.

The case feels like cheap plastic. It’s very comfortable to hold but there’s no escaping the feel of cheap plastic. It’s incredibly lightweight. The door is held on by two tabs on each side that click into slots on the body of the mod. It snaps in firmly. VERY firmly. It is a struggle to take the door off. I’m finding that it’s best to not click the door in all the way. It leaves a small gap but makes the door much easier to remove.

The theme it comes with is horrible. I replaced it quickly. The stock bottle (only 1 is provided) is a bit too soft for my taste. It’s not a bad bottle at all, with nice knurling on the cap for easy removal. Fortunately, a lot of bottles will fit. The only issue is that the squonk nipple is offset to allow for a centered 510. This requires the feed tube to bend a bit. That can put a strain on the cap for taller bottles. I’m presently alternating between using a SJMY bottle and an Hcigar bottle, both of which are working fine.

The 510 is spring loaded and feels pretty well made. Zero button rattle. The fire button is a small but pretty easy to find by feel. Since the 510 is centered it will easily hold a 30mm atty with room to spare. A 22mm atty looks sort of lost in all that space.

The batteries are not too tough to fit into the sled. Removal is a bit more tricky. I have to remove the bottle first so that I can get a good grip on the batteries when I need to swap them. The top battery contact is spring-loaded; the bottom is fixed.

It comes with an atty. Don’t even bother with it – shoddy design and performance.
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