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Filling - Pull off top cap and fill. Goes unblemished with Unicorn and Gorilla bottles thanks to the two large air holes. No annoying silicone stuffed or other handstands. In addition TopFill which prevents a leakage in the pod. Coil Life - For me and my sweet, creamy pudding liquids, the pods last a long time. All others had between 3 and 6 days left. This time it even made it up to 3 weeks. Taste/Flavour - Should be almost at the top. The best pod I've vaped so far. Charge - 30 minutes for a full charge at 0.7A. So long can you really wait. Any other was far over time. Pods - 1 pod - 1 charge - so the 2 ML are enough until the battery is empty. Auto Draw - Again, the hype. The automatic draw is really good. Always works and can if you want to be made by button. On / Off - You can also switch off the pod. That was also important to me because the automatic draw is also off and auto fire is prevented while carry it. Price / Value -Was not that important but worth mentioning. For a 20/30 CHF device it offers safety, fun, handling and is reliable. Also, the coils are "cheap" for the life. 20 pack is a pod at 2.50 CHF. Handling - The Pod has fallen down to me now a few times, was on the beach in the sand and I stepped on it too. All but a few scratches are still running. Customizing - Also 3rd party manufacturers have now refilled and coloured transparent caps supplied. Matchy - Matchy and you see the liquid even better.
Transparent Caps from Uwell
Have now 5 pieces. 3 in use and 2 in reserve. So far no new other device tasted nor bought.
Have recommended it to my father-in-law and he is also satisfied. It would also refer to any other recommendation and to the "loose" MTL.
We were just 3 weeks in Cyprus at 35 - 40 degrees. I've never been so stress-free on vacation. A few pods and a USB charger and liquid. That's it. Compared to earlier a picnic.
Had my 3 which I need in action and no one has let me down. I'm curious about the winter because I steam outside is outside temperature crucial. Too cold and the taste suffers brutally.
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