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No crappy black paint! Perfect O-ring fit, from the box! Good looks Cheap as hell!
small through holes for coil legs, so cut them if the legs have frayed ends.
This is another great squonk rda that will be gone forever soon...I loved mine, but the paint on Vapeasy's black painted version had no adhesion, resulting in the top cap being an ugly mess.

The vape is great with this atty, regardless of looks, but now I have a faultless, flawless 9.00 rda that looks great, too! (and I can retire my black one)

It's nothing new or particularly special, just a solid, good-looking single coil rda, built for slim claptons or Aliens, and squonking. Those who like their coil legs to be parallel will be happy with this build deck...there's no posts on opposite sides of the deck, just a block, separated by PEI as an insulator, with two small threaded holes and grub screws. The deck is smartly designed to keep leg "leftovers" from shorting your set-up when the cap is installed, and there's plenty of airflow- similar wide open to Haku or Wick'D rdas.

Less than a ten spot? Mandatory squonker purchase! It never leaks, and flavor is incredible, though totally expected from an atty like this. SO glad I finally got a Stainless I will use the Daywon much more frequently. Don't sleep on this bargain, it will be gone soon!
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