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I own many RTA's with no desire for dripping, but my recent orders with FastTech have included many brands and flavors of nicotine salts. The thought of sampling them quickly and easily came to mind, and dripping suddenly seemed like the solution. I was right.

Twelve bucks is a dirt cheap way to get into dripping, and it turns out this tiny tank is worth every penny. Very solid construction, looks good, and it's extremely easy to coil and wick. Drip tip is perfect for MTL.

The most impressive attribute is the spring-loaded coil clamps. It doesn't matter if your coil is wound left or right-handed, the leads simply slide in place to be captured. I wish my Dvarws, KF Lites, Gatas, Taifun GTR's, Doggys, and many others had this fantastic feature.

Then there's the amazing flavor this RDA puts out. Wow. I think it's actually better than all the RTA's I own.

At first I wasn't quite sure about how to squirt the liquids into it, so I tried pulling the whole top cap. That was okay, but I had to fine-tune the airflow each time I put it back on. No, it's much easier to pull the drip tip and dribble it through there, especially since it's very forgiving as far as the amount of fluids you give it.

I saw an online review where the guy had a really hard time pulling the drip tip, but mine pops out easily.

This is a fantastic tank for a complete newbie to dripping. I'm very impressed.

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