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Everything but the deck screws
Deck screws
TL;DR: This version is excellent!

I own both the authentic and this ULTON clone of the GT4S. Aside from cosmetics (no logo & obfuscated serial number), there's only a few minor differences. First, the machining is less "ultra premium" than the original, but it's still quite excellent. I'd honestly say that the machining on the ULTON is better than most mass-produced atomizers. Second, the tank material feels slightly thinner, but I haven't measured both with a caliper yet. Third, the o-ring that controls the JFC is thinner. This is actually a win, because it makes the ULTON's JFC a bit easier to use. (The rest of the o-rings have very similar tolerances to the authentic.) Fourth, the drip tip is slightly different. The inner bore is the same in the neck of the tip, but it is a bit wider / more open at the top. It's not obvious unless you are looking for it, though. I struggled to find most of these differences. You'd have to compare them side-by-side to notice, and this ULTON clone is still an excellent performer.

My only real con is how easily the grub screws wanted to strip out. I knew not to wrench them down, but one started losing grip on my first installation. I would definitely find replacements ASAP.

Past the minor differences, the ULTON clone is still an amazing performer. Coil installation is easy & wicking is very forgiving. Draw is incredibly smooth & still has some restriction to it, which helps provide intense flavor. By the way, the flavor is absolutely excellent. (Yes, it's a tall tank, but the deck actually sits high up.) The GT4/GT4S is tied for first place on my list of single coil RTA's. The contender, is, of course, the HotCig Centaur RTA. Centaur delivers slightly punchier, more intense flavor, but at the expense of a more turbulent draw and slightly less resolution of individual flavors in the juice. In short, the GT4/4S is very refined and smooth, while the Centaur feels more wild & raw. Both are great RTA's, though, and these two have effectively shelved every other RTA I own.

I am running this with a 3.0 or 3.5 mm ID Ni80 wire, 4 wraps of 26x3/38 fused clapton around 38-41 watts. It also works great with SS316L 30x4/40 fused clapton wire.

Taifun made an amazing design here. For a single coil flavor chaser RTA, this thing is just about perfect. In short, this is a great clone of an amazing atomizer. I'd recommend either the authentic or the ULTON over a no-name clone any day. I have a no-name clone of the GT4 (SKU 9655032), and I could immediately tell the difference in build quality between that one & this ULTON clone.
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