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looks good easy to build and wick good design
manufacture tolerance is not the best. drip tip can be better o-rings quality is not perfect. The screws are not holding fused clapton wire well.
Well, I was surprised taking this RTA out of the plastic box. It looked clean and shiny. The problems started later - during coil installation. I noticed the my MTL fused clapton wire was not held well with included screws - the ends would slip off when the wire got tighten in the posts.
Another issues is the manufacture tolerance - when you unscrew the tank for refilling - the top metal cap gets stuck inside the tank and, somethings it takes even a plastic coil cover with it.
My advise is - if you buy this RTA - please make sure you have a set of spare o-rings to do some trial-and-error kinda thing. If you ask me if I was frustrated by the purchase of this RTA - I would say - 50/50. The flavor of this RTA is amazing. I tried fruity e-juice and it seemed to be better than my KF light plus 2021. So I basically paid for getting an idea how this RTA performs in terms of flavor and I guess it's time to order the authentic one.
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