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Traps around wire lead connectors 6 ml capacity
Turbulent airflow Glass is a pain Does NOT come with two airflow inserts
I own a non-FL Dvarw. Based on several review videos, this looked like it was going to be a pretty big improvement. What I ended up with is not awesome, though.

First off, the airflow is super turbulent in this. It sounds nothing like the airflow in the review videos. I re-seated the airflow inserts just to be sure, and nope, still loud & crazy. Yuck.

Second, the glass on this thing is a total pain to get put back together properly. The glass itself is slightly wider than the metal frame. There's basically almost no ledge on the bottom base, so the glass gets cockeyed when trying to screw everything back together after cleaning. I reassembled it about 8 or 9 times before finally getting it right.

Third, I understood that this SKU came with two airflow inserts. Mine only arrived with one, which had 2x(2.5mm) air holes. Ended up ordering sku:9727481 which basically added $4.50 to the price of this tank.

All in all, pretty disappointed in this version. A few minor changes & this would be a banger, but right now, this SKU is a complete miss.
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