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Very easy to build on Great for beginners Easy access to coil and wicking Solid construction
It's pretty thirsty Tank is almost too dark Easier to fill with unicorn bottles
I'm really glad I got this (rtda?) instead of that dinky rebuildable coil! The only pod RBAs I'd used before this were the smok RPM RBA and the smoant pasito. This thing is a MAJOR improvement on those. It's SO EASY to build on and I love the fact that I don't have to empty the tank whenever I need to change the wicking or coil <---------This is REALLY important if you're a beginner builder, cause you'll probably be messing with the coil and wicking A LOT! It's also built very soldily (i've dropped it many times with zero problems). I find it's best filled with unicorn bottles (needle nose would probably work too). I've been using it almost every day for several months now and haven't experienced much leaking beyond what you'd expect (a drop or 2 is always there). The only issue I have is that it definitely sucks up A LOT of juice. I vape MTL and have to go very low wattage if I wanna conserve juice (and these days I ALWAYS want to conserve juice). I also wish it was a little quieter, but all in all, it's a good purchase.
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