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Overall   (4.7)
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Great build quality
A little expensive
Purchased this to use with a 25mm Siegfried in SBS mode so there would be no overhang. (The frame is large enough for 26mm at least with no overhang.
Was pleasantly surprised with the build quality and look, all threads are very smooth, the finish is excellent and you can easily adjust it so the the fire button is a comfortable position.
Was a little suss about the one button adjustment, but it is remarkably intuitive and works well. (The chip is very stable once set up, so you don't need to be able to view the screen and can have the button facing out if you prefer that.)
TC implementation is good, maybe not up to evolve standards, but is stable and certainly prevents dry hits.
Only goes up to 50w, but from a personal perspective is easily providing enough power even using a 0.15 ohm mesh coil.
On the downside, it turns itself off after around 30 minutes of no use, which can be a little irritating, but I suppose it protects the battery if left for a long period of time unused. Re the prior comment, if it's in TC mode, when you turn it back on, it defaults to checking for a new coil. The choice is New coil or Old coil, if you want the prior resistance reading, you have to press the button to chose that option. (This is only really a problem if you are changing batteries and the coil is still warm.)
Overall I'm happy with the device, I think for 24mm or smaller attys in straight SBS mode, Id go with the stratum balance just because it weighs and costs less although the Converter is probably a classier looking unit and offers a lot more options in terms of different looking setups.

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