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Never thought that i wanted auto-drag. But it's really nice. Smart mode with watt limit so you wont burn your expensive coil is a good idea as well.

Having a lever for button lock, not sure if that was needed, it also feels kinda flimsy in quality. Still, when you got your settings in order you can leave it in button lock mode. As its still possible to turn on and off the mod. As well as using auto-drag. Sure it's a convenient, and i kinda like it. But at the same time as a parent not so much, as it present a hazard in that aspect.

Its lighter than my dual 18650 and last about the same amount of time with one 21700.

Its nice with an easy mod, but at the same time it somewhat of the expense of more control that older mods tend to offer. But it works well as is, so i guess its just something to get used to.
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