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Easy to build. Massive air flow if that is what you like. Can chain vape if you want.
If you don't like massive air flow, this is a con. Barrel locked - so air flow becomes off center if you cut down the upper AFC. Small tank - so best to use in a squonker.
Being my first RDTA - I was happy to use this one...( I use RDA's and RTA's). I found this great for chain vaping, but did not use it on a squonker - so kept having to refill often...but it is easy to refill. The air flow is MASSIVE, more than any of my other 30 tanks I have (RDA and RTA)... my issue is that when you cut down the top air flow - the coils are getting hit off to the edge (The barrel won't move). Overall - I was happy to get such a well made device to try out an RDTA, it just is not for me - the air flow is just too massive. If I decide to use it later on, I will put onto a squonker - so I don't have to fill it up so often. Easy to build and wick.
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