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Overall   (1.5)
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Flavour is decent Wicking is easy Screws can be removed to widen liquid intake for high VG No far
Not compatible with a lot of devices even with the separately purchased pin! Difficult to get a tight MTL airflow without extra pin purchases Condensation builds up fast in most devices/configurations Separate purchases that really should have been included
Like others reviews have said this is a frustrating RBA. It's hard to understand how they could release something which is not compatible with so many boro mods, other manufacturers do it just fine. I can only assume they didn't test it thoroughly and only realised the problem after it went to production hence releasing the extra 510 pin. I actually ordered the extra 510 pin as well but this doesn't work properly, the tank fits in the Pulse AIO fine with it but has issues with shorting and resistance jumping.

I did eventually get it working in a Cthulhu AIO(This has it's own issues unrelated to whatever RBA you're using). Coil positioning might take some trial and error, you have to make sure the airflow is hitting the side of the coil. 2 x 1.2mm airflow pins was too airy for me so I switched to 1 blank and 1 x 1.2mm airflow pin but the flavour takes a noticeable hit. I'd like to try 2 x 1mm airflow pins but that's an extra purchase of course.

It comes with 2 identical tanks which is an unusual decision, I would've preferred if it came with 2 different colours or just one tank and more airflow pin options. It's hard to remove the deck unless you screw it onto a mod and pull the rest of the tank away, maybe this is a good thing though and will prevent leaking through the seals.

Overall the flavour and performance(In the right boro device) is fine but not really worth the hassle and relatively expensive price. The pioneer insider at the same price point performs better and there are even cheaper bridges that outperform the Bishop3. I wouldn't be surprised to see a revised version of this tank soon.
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