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Good capacity Nice looks (for what it is) Zero leaking Easy to fill
Pump action is very rough
I had high hopes for this since I really like the pump attachment (Backpack) for the Hadron by Steam Crave. Unfortunately, the pump action on this is a far cry from the smoothness of the Hadron pump. The instructions state that before use it's important to take apart the pump and lube some o-rings, which I did. Even so, the pump action is janky and rough. It works -- it delivers liquid as it should -- but it's irritating to use due to the roughness.

Other areas are much better done. The tank has a good capacity, it comes with a spare glass (plus the usual boatload of o-rings that Steam Crave always includes) and it's a snap to fill. The 510 pin protrudes a bit, but I don't feel comfortable using this, or any pump attachment, on a hybrid mech.

If the pump action were as smooth as the Hadron this I'd pick up a few more. As it is, while I don't regret getting it, I won't be picking up a second.
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