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99.9 percent ejuice usage. 510 mechanical mod safe. Pump action smooth. Easy Fill. Easy clean.
Yes there can be improvements. The need for a large post to press for squonking is not required. I would make it half the size. I would increase the size of the fill screw. It would help those with large fingers to open it easier.

Is it something you want to put in your pocket, not really. If the squonk post that you push was smaller then yes it would be.

What is really good. No pushing a plastic bottle to get the ejuice. The hole is at the very bottom of the shaft so it will pick up 99.9 percent of the ejuice. 30mm RDA just two presses on the post to fill a 7 ml juice well. Yes, you can over squonk because it is that easy. Don't let that bother you, just an adjustment. No sucking back of the ejuice that you would get from a plastic bottle. It maybe a con for some but not really, once you understand you don't need to press the post to fill the RDA, RDTA or what have you a lot then all is well.

Yes I do recommend it. Great break from squonk bottles. Just make sure the fist time on the squonk post put a drop of ejuice around the base of the post. Will make a crunch noise which is normal for a spring assisted pumper. 1 drop, no more sound.
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