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Easy build and wicking Smooth airflow Good assortment of AF pins No 510 adapter needed 1 piece chimney/lid design
Some AF pins were not properly machined at the contact point (easily fixed) The claimed 4.2ml capacity is overstated - closer to 3.5ml in a standard boro tank
I am happy with this bridge. It is straightforward to build - basic 2 post and the design makes it easy to clip the leads so they don't touch the cap. It is not at all fussy about wicking. Just cut to the edge of the deck, drop the wicks into the channels, and put the cap on. Zero leaking and it easily keeps up when chain vaping. The flavor is excellent.

The build quality is mostly good. The only area that was lacking was the base of some of the air flow pins. Some were not flat, but had a bit of a dome to it. Depending on the boro mod these are used in, it could cause a connection problem. It was fine as-is in a Pulse and a authentic BB, but I needed to flatten the base of the pin to make a good, stable connection on an SXK BB. Just a wee bit of sanding and all was good. It did not affect all the pins, but it did affect the one I wanted to use (3mm).

I like that the chimney is connected to the lid instead of being in 2 pieces (such as the Atom). It makes it more stable, plus avoids that tiny o-ring where the chimney would connect. It does make it a bit more challenging to get the bridge into a conventional boro tank, but it’s not bad. It is easier with the Unitank by SXK since the top comes off.

I use the 3mm pin and get a very nice, restricted DL vape. Smooth airflow. Happy with the purchase and a solid value for the price.
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